The barman of a Sheffield real ale pub has shaved his head for charity.

Harrison Fenton-Fearn, 21, of Ecclesall Road, shaved his head in conjunction with the Harlequin Pub’s chain of charity quizzes.

The pub raised over £200 for the Black and Blue Charity, a group concerned with stopping domestic violence.

Mr Fenton-Fearn, speaking about his decision, said: “Well I always want to raise some money! I feel like I’ve done a good thing, though. I despise domestic violence, doesn’t everybody?”

Black and Blue has been operating for five years, across the UK.

Fenton-Fearn’s individual effort raised over £70, which was added to the £130 which the pub quiz raised.

Mr Fenton-Fearn added: “The week before my housemate had cut my hair and it was rubbish! So I figured I’d raise a bit of money, and save myself looking quite as awful.”

The Harlequin pub holds charity quizzes on the third Thursday of every month.


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