Illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide have been recorded in Burngreave.

Air monitoring results show that on Spital Hill, 45 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide in each cubic metre of air was recorded in August, which is over the legal maximum of 40 micrograms.

Graham Jones, from the Burngreave Clean Air Campaign, set up several air monitoring points in Burngreave to measure the levels. The results from August show the levels to be extremely high in the area.

On Spital Hill there was 45 micrograms, on Orphanage Road/Barnsley Road there was 38 micrograms and on Owler Lane/Firth Park Road there was 35 micrograms. All either over or very near the legal maximum.

Nitrogen dioxide is invisible and can cause respiratory problems, with elderly and young people most at risk.

Mr Jones said these results are surprising as “you expect to see lower general recordings in August due to the school, working holidays and reduced bus service frequency at that time”.

Mr Jones monitors the air by hanging test tubes from a lamppost in selected areas.

Test tube air monitoring

He leaves them for a month and then sends them away for analysis.

Mr Jones said: “as local residents we think that our area has to be safe for our families to live in and is not just a through route for drivers”.

The group, made up of local residents, has been campaigning for the last 18 months. They monitor air and petition outside local schools to raise awareness.

Campaign member, Luise Hunt, said: “We as a group want to look at air pollution as one bit of the issue, we’d like to be part of something that improves the future. It’s like pressing a button, everyone’s concerned, you can even taste it sometimes.”

The groups priority is to talk directly to local residents and discuss their concerns.


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