A one-of-a-kind photography and audio exhibition featuring hundreds of Burngreave locals has opened at Exchange Place Studios.

The project, titled ‘Sunday Best’, explores “notions of personal identity and its relationship to community through dress.”

Two men are behind the project; Jon Turner, the photographer, and Timothy Neal, who recorded audio for people to listen to as they view the photographs. The pair have been working on the project for the last year in preparation for the exhibition, which is being held at the newly-refurbished hotspot.

Three years ago, Jon carried out a portrait project in Leeds looking at diversity within the community. He noticed how people dressed especially for the occasion of being photographed and how they presented themselves to the camera.

“That got me thinking about this idea of dressing up and what that means in relation to personal identity, but also to the community you are part of,” he said.

“I think Burngreave is a really rich cultural area. There’s a lot of different communities all in one area, and the focus of most of my work tends to be about community and identity, so it’s quite interesting to contain a project within one geographical space where you’ve got all of these different communities within it.”

The pair are planning to do a projection of the photographs onto a building in Pitsmoor next month.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get people who aren’t ‘gallery-goers’ to step into a gallery, even if they’re in the pictures. So we thought we’d take the exhibition to them,” said Jon.

The exhibition will be on display until 14 December.



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