Campaign group the Real Junkfood Project have launched a crowdfund to raise money in a quest to build a food waste hub in Kelham.


The group is part of a global movement that aims to abolish food waste through a variety of pay- as- you- feel networks that set up sharehouses, cafes, and school partnerships.


They aim to reach a £50k goal by December 24 in order to secure a long term warehouse release for a hub in Kelham.


Project founder and art director Jo Hercberg said: “We’ve had a great response in the first 24 hours with almost £4000 raised so we are well on our way.


Your early support means the world to us and encourages others to get involved too.”


The food hub will be called ‘Food Works’ will include commercial refrigeration units and onsite kitchen facilities to transform food waste and put on workshops for all ages to engage the people of Sheffield.


Mr Hercberg added, “Food Works will transform the amount of perfectly good food going into bellies, not bins.


At the moment so much more needs to be done to prevent food from going to waste.


From volunteering to training to eating, there really is something everybody can do to help.”


Over three years the project claims they have saved 319 tonnes of food and created 100,000’s of meals, but there is still a lot more food going to waste in Sheffield.


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