Three abandoned vehicles on a school route are being used by “dangerous people” for “doing drugs” and “sex workers” in Neepsend.

The vehicles, two cars and a van which are littered with used syringes and condoms, have been abandoned in the car park near Jewson on Harvest Lane. They have been there as far back as March 2017.

One of several syringes on display in one of the vehicles


They are situated on several school routes, with both Astrea Academy and Pye Bank Church of England Primary School only 15 minutes away by foot.

In addition to the syringes and condoms, some of the vehicle’s windows have been smashed, with the glass shattered inside. Several of the tyres have also been deflated.

The back of one of the cars where broken glass, used condoms and opened needle packets can be seen

An employee in Neepsend, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that they have seen people consuming illegal drugs in the cars, as well as fighting on the street and vandalising the area.

They said: “You get people going down there all the time, we’re all just sick of them. I’ve seen them doing drugs and there are syringes everywhere, just blatantly in daylight.

“They’ve graffitied the walls, they fight as well, and some of things you see, you wouldn’t believe. There was a fight not long ago and there was a man who ended up on the floor, totally still and passed out. They are dangerous people.

“The police and paramedics came but other than that nothing has really been done about it. The council came down a few months ago but nothing’s happened since then either.

“The police are not bothered, they’d rather just catch people speeding. They have been shocking.

“There are young children who walk down here and young women who work in the area and have to walk past it, it’s not nice for them”, they also added.

The vehicles also occupy 4 parking spaces, which the employee says makes it a “struggle to park in an area that’s already really difficult for parking”.

The van, which previously had cardboard blocking the view of its interior

The issue has also been reported on a website called ‘FixMyStreet’ on 2 occasions. One of the reports states: “These vehicles have lots of needles in them and I have personally seen a sex worker and client get into one for a session. This is on a route for school children”.




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