The Dorothy Pax pub has launched ‘11th hour’, a memorial beer brewed by Sheffield-based brewery Exit 33.

The launch came as part of the ‘We’re Not Mugs!’ campaign that has been launched in protest against some of the actions of Sheffield City Council.

The event, which was held at the Dorothy Pax on Victoria Quays on Friday 2 November, was a celebration of Sheffield Activism, exhibiting placards, banners, posters and artwork.

The event also served as the launch of the memorial beer, which we spoke to Pete Roberts about last week.

Speaking at the event, Mr Roberts said: “Tonight, the banners, the beer, it all ties in to the protest against Sheffield City Council. Saving the trees, remembering the fallen, it’s all part of a bigger picture.”

The beer, which Mr Roberts launched as a memorial to soldiers who died in the first World War, has been launched in pubs across the UK.

Sheffield City Council’s decision to chop down trees, which memorialise dead World War One soldiers, on Western Road was what brought together the beer and the event.

Nicky Bea, one of the organisers of ‘We’re Not Mugs!’, explained: “The protest is visually amazing. The council have no idea how strongly people feel about this. The beer ties in with the trees on Western Road.”

The council have since decided that the trees, which were declared healthy, will all remain barring three of them.

Ms Bea spoke about the motivation behind the week-long event, saying: “Everyone here just wants to do everything they can. I want to do all I can to show them that we won’t forget those who are gone, and we’ll honour them, because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t honour them.”




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