100 years on from the end of World War One, Peter Roberts of Exit 33 Brewing hopes that his beer, 11th hour, will remind people of those who have gone before.

The beer will be launched at the Dorothy Pax, Victoria Quays on 2 November.

Mr Roberts, talking about his intentions when making the beer, said: “Personally I have a pacifistic attitude, but someone stood in front of a gun in the war for your choice and my choice, and it’s important we remember that.”

More than 20 pubs have expressed an interest in the beer throughout Yorkshire, the West Midlands, and Nottinghamshire, and Roberts, who was born in Sheffield, feels “it’s really heartening to know that people all over want to show their respects”.

“This is just an acknowledgement, but people feel a link to Armistice Day, it jogs people and helps them remember those who have fallen, including family.” Said Roberts, who has previously brewed beers for Pride Day, as well as a charity beer for the Multiple Sclerosis Society Charity.

Roberts also referenced the controversial decision by Cambridge University’s Student’s Union not to host a memorial service for those who died in World War 1, due to fears it was ‘jingoistic, imperialist propaganda’.

Robers said: “It’s the apathy of the whole situation that gets me, it’s supposed to be ‘lest we forget’, but we’re already forgetting!”

Mr Roberts, who is also Landlord of the Harlequin Pub, set up Exit 33 Brewing in July 2008.




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