A local community group held an exhibition yesterday to display its finalised plans for a new community kitchen in Pitsmoor.

Live Projects, a group ran through the University of Sheffield by architecture masters students, unveiled a final model along with pictorial representations of what the kitchen will look like.

They are working with another local community group called People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor, who aim to provide local residents with cooking and craft sessions.

The final plans come a week after they revealed their ideas to the public, where they provided feedback to ensure the project meets the community’s needs.

The kitchen will be fully equipped with a large work surface, sinks and two ovens. There will also be an open wood-fired oven in a separate room.

As well as being a community kitchen, the building will house a café, a community area for social events and two fire pits outside. View how the plans will look in the video below:

Samuel Myatt, 26, who is a student working on the project said: “We’re really happy with the final design. We’ve been working on this for weeks and we think we’ve designed something the people of Pitsmoor will get a lot of use out of.

“We’re hoping that locals helping with the building process will make the kitchen feel more personal to them and really become a big part of their community.”

The building of the infrastructure will be overseen by paid contractors, but it is hoped that the equipment will be fitted by volunteers.

It is not yet known when the building will commence as funding is still in the process of being confirmed.

Local resident, Nagaad Daud said: “I think it looks great, it’s really nice to know that our opinions have been considered too. I look forward to seeing it in real life!”

In addition to the unveiling of the plans, members of People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor cooked risotto for the public with mushrooms they picked themselves in the local area. They also hand-made the bowls that were used to serve the risotto.

It is activities such as these that the group hope can be enjoyed by the local community on a regular basis when the kitchen is finished. Live Projects will finish working on the project this Friday and People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor will oversee the proposed construction.

For more information, you can visit People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/abbeyfieldpark/



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