A local organisation held an exhibition yesterday to display it’s concepts and ideas for a new community kitchen in Pitsmoor.

Live Projects, an organisation ran through the University of Sheffield by architecture masters students, have been working on the plans since September, and displayed them to the public at Abbeyfield House in Pitsmoor.

They are working with another local initiative called People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor, which aims to provide local residents with cooking and craft sessions.

The current facilities, however, are not suitable for a sustainable project and improvements have been required since the initiative began last year.

Live Project’s plans currently include refurbishing the old stables behind Abbeyfield House into a brand-new teaching kitchen with a couple of communal areas for locals to socialise in.

A model was on display at the exhibition where locals were able to see the plans and provide feedback and suggestions on what they felt the area needed.

Samuel Myatt, 26, who is a student working on the project said: “We’re looking at ways to encourage inclusivity, particularly though food and sharing recipes, so we can get a real community feel back into the area of Pitsmoor”.

“Part of the ethos behind Live Project is that we step in to bring stability back into the community after government funding has been cut. Food is an issue, affordability is an issue. People’s Kitchen are a voluntary organisation and they’re just desperate for support.”

Live Projects plan to connect the kitchen to a larger food network in Sheffield, with other community-ran projects such as the Real Junk Food Project and Sheffield Food Hall.

Carolyn Butterworth, director of Live Works explains the project further and MA architect student Alice Howland talks through the current design idea in the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytF3ttAwhec&w=560&h=315]


Local residents provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, including Archaf Hussain, who said: “The plans look fantastic and if they’re carried out I feel a lot of people will use the kitchens.”

“What’s important for me is ownership. Us residents need to be able to run this ourselves and make sure we make the most of the facilities.”

Live Project will be unveiling their finalised plans next Saturday at Abbeyfield House. For more information, you can visit People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/abbeyfieldpark/


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