A new litter picking group held its first public walk last night near the Crabtree ponds.

The group called the Crabtree Litter Pickers was set up by a local resident, Sarah Neil, 2 weeks ago.

Ms Neil said she held a walk last week around the ponds with friends but this was the first walk she had publicly advertised.

The group currently comprised of about 10 members, aims to clean up litter around Crabtree and Pitsmoor. This is an issue that has effected the areas for a long time.

Other clear ups have been held in the area, such as the Pitsmoor Community Litter Pick held by Labour 4 Burngreave. But the streets and greenery are still in desperate need of cleaning and are even vulnerable to fly-tipping.

Ms Neil, 42, who moved into the area five years ago, said she started the group because the litter problem is making it more unpleasant to live there.

She said: “It just makes me really sad when I walk around and you see litter everywhere. It may not look like much from a distance but when you really look up close and get stuck in, it is apparent that there’s a big problem here

I do enjoy it though. It’s not too formal and it’s nice to meet new people and make a difference.”

She talks about this further in the video below:

On Monday’s litter pick, four full sized bin liners were full of items such as bottles, cigarette butts and food packaging on Cannon Hall Road and Hampton Road alone.

Hasan el-Farha, a resident on Hampton Road who saw the litter picking group said he admired the voluntary work of the locals: “It’s not possible for the council to do everything and unfortunately people are always going to litter so it’s fantastic that some people have the initiative to do this themselves.

It’s especially hard in hilly areas like these. People throw their rubbish and it rolls down the hill and piles up, it looks disgusting!”

If you would like to get involved, you can follow the group’s twitter account for updates on when walks will take place: https://twitter.com/CrabtreeTidy

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