Plans for a new eleven-storey apartment building next to the historic Globe Works have sparked concern amongst Kelham Island residents.

Many objections were posted on the planning application after Kelham Island Community Alliance (KICA) posted about it on their Facebook page.

Josh Rowley, a member of KICA, said: “It’s not about not wanting it to be built, it’s about the conditions and who they are targeting.

Every [new] building seems to be the same, which is basically single occupancy, small spaces, just to be rented out.”

There are 228 new one-bedroom apartments to be built on Penistone Road if the plans go ahead.

Mr. Rowley added: “Things like that aren’t securing a long- term community, there’s plenty of space already for students.”

The proposed building could be up to eleven storeys high, surpassing the recommended five for the conservation area.

The project will see the demolition of industrial, office and student accommodation buildings already there.

Ward Councillor Douglas Johnson said: “The impact of a large development in a very small space will increase traffic in Kelham Island that is already under a lot of pressure because of its popularity.

I also feel the height of five storeys adjacent to the historic, attractive and prominent Globe Works is also overbearing.”

Visuals from the planning application


One objection from a resident of Kelham reads: “There is hardly any provision for families – aside from a few homes with the Little Kelham development.

There’s no affordable housing in the area. This development will not address this need, creating more and more one-bed flats will have a huge impact on the dynamic and diversity of the area.

We need to encourage families to the area & build a school, local grocery stores etc, not more 1-bed boxes!”

Despite the overwhelming number of objections, a few people supported the plans, as another comment said: “This looks like a super project and will raise the profile of the area and Sheffield whilst removing the current eyesore, about time Sheffield stood up and caught up with the likes of Manchester.”

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