Friends of Parkwood Springs had to improvise their annual lantern procession when bad weather was set to roll in.

The event sees the night sky above Pitsmoor lit-up with lanterns made by members of the community. Workshops were held building up to the event at Burngreave Chapel and Pitsmoor Adventure Playground.

Saturday 13 October was meant to see the fourth annual Parkwood Springs Lantern Procession take place.

However, this year the procession had to be cancelled last minute due to the threat of strong winds.

Not to be defeated, the lanterns, which were initially set to be let off in the car park on Cooks Wood Road, were all taken to Christ Church Pitsmoor. There they were displayed for an exhibition to be held on Saturday evening.

Neill Schofield, Chair of the Friends of Parkwood Springs, said: “We were disappointed to have to cancel the Procession because of the high winds. But thanks to Christ Church Pitsmoor we were still able to have a wonderful evening.”

Friends of Parkwood Springs said that they are still hoping to hold a procession of some sort in Parkwood Springs in the next month or so.

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