The jury in a trial of two men accused of plotting a terror attack have been dismissed.

Farhad Salah, 23 of Brunswick Road, Burngreave and Andy Star, 32 of Sheffield Road, Chesterfield were accused of plotting to manufacture a remote controlled explosive device.

Salah and Star deny a single charge of preparing to commit acts of terrorism.

After 17 hours of discussion Judge Paul Watson discharged the jury Wednesday morning after no verdict was reached.
The jury made up of seven women and four men were first sent out on October 3 following a four week trial at Sheffield Crown court.

On Monday morning the jury was reduced to 11 members after one was discharged due to illness. Even with a reduced jury a majority of 10 members was still needed to make a verdict.
Therefore, the judge could not accept 10-1 as a verdict.

Both men are expected to retrial at Sheffield Crown court.

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