Two Sheffield charities have highlighted the various problems that homeless people face, emphasising the importance of today’s World Homeless Day in raising awareness.

Susan Mastro, Project Manager at YWCA Yorkshire’s Peile House, said “they need to lower the bar for people qualifying as vulnerable”.

YWCA support young women, many of whom are mothers, and seek to help them both in finding accommodation, and to work towards a better future.

Their Peile House Project was set up to provide accommodation for vulnerable women for any period between six months and a year.

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The accommodation, which is based in Pitsmoor, includes 10 bedsits and 4 self-contained flats.

World Homeless Day is celebrated every year on 10 October to highlight the needs of homeless people across the world, and encourage people to get involved with helping those in need.

Caitlin Hodgkinson, Communications Officer for Roundabout Homeless Charity, said: “Unfortunately, the Council has had their funding cut year after year, so ultimately that means that Roundabout has had their funding cut too. We don’t blame the council for that at all – they can only work with what they’re given.”

Roundabout focuses on providing support for young people aged 16-24, and believe the ‘Hidden Homeless’ are a growing concern.

“Every single young person has different experiences, Some are classed as the ‘hidden homeless’, meaning they end up sofa surfing, staying at friends’ houses and don’t have a permanent place to call home. Others, thankfully a minority, end up sleeping on the streets.” said Hodgkinson.

Last year it was revealed that one in every 2,921 people are homeless in Sheffield.

Roundabout runs classes on the realities of youth homelessness, in an attempt to cut the issue off before it can manifest.

Hodgkinson explained “All our services within homeless prevention play a vital role in helping a young person avoid experiencing homelessness. Ultimately, we want to make sure that when a young person leaves our service, they’re able to live successful, independent lives and fulfil their potential.”

On the 9th November, Roundabout is hosting ‘Sleep Out’, an event where people will spend one night sleeping outside at 92 Burton Road – Which is usually home to the well-known Peddlers Market.

Referring to the event which was last year attended by Pulp drummer Nick Banks, Hodgkinson said: “Having cuts means we need to be more creative with our fundraising. Participants get sponsored to gain a small insight into the challenges faced by many of our young people every day. Last year we raised over £14,000 which was incredible!”

The event takes place on November 9th, and people can sign up at 


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