A community group have started a riverbank cleanup to stop people trespassing.

Kelham Island Community alliance has joined forces to preserve the banks of the river Don as a ‘preventative’ to stop people camping there.

Josh Rowley, a member of the alliance, came up with the idea to transform the area into a ‘Greenspace’ after seeing two people living under the bridge last winter.


Litter left by campers

Litter left by campers


“It started off as an issue with people using the land”, he said.

“With the legislation about trespassing, it’s quite difficult to remove people from the land unless you’re doing something with it.”

After contacting the landowners they got permission to start the project.

Mr. Rowley described how people living on the bank was a potential health risk, being so close to the river.

He also said: “We started the Kelham green project which is about finding and creating spaces, a lot of the litter came from the homeless but some washed down from the river.

When you have a location that doesn’t look like it’s managed people think you don’t care about it so they don’t treat it with respect.

The local councillors try their best [to help] but because its part of the city ward, most of the money goes toward the city centre.”

The group meets regularly to clean up litter and cut down invasive greenery, and hope to transform the area into a space for the local community.

Ian Twisleton, a resident of Kelhams’ eco-friendly estate, said: “I moved down here from Sheffield Hallam for a part-time job, now I’ve lived here for four years and I stopped working in April.

I thought I should give back to the local community a bit as last year I took part in the raft race, which created a bit of a mess. People throw flour bombs down at you from the bridge, it’s great fun though!”

You can find more about the community events here.

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