Astrea Academy Sheffield opened its doors to a handful of students including nursery children and year 7 students this month.

The new £25 million school holds the motto, “I am strong, I am successful, I am Astrea” and – in the next seven years – is set to be one of the cities biggest schools taking children from nursery up to sixth form.

The former Grade II-listed Pye Bank School building has been refurbished with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and is currently home to nursey-aged children, reception and year 7 pupils.

Each department in the building is cut out with high-end learning resources including a fully furbished children’s library, technology suite and outside play areas including playing courts and a nature reserve.

The new modern building will feature a range of sports pitches, high-tech science labs, two lecture theatres, an amphitheatre, cafeteria area, dance floor with a spring board floor and the overall school site will be around 1,000 metres long.

Mr Jones, PA to Executive Principle, said: “Our school is different because it is an all-through school, so the children get the opportunity to learn things from each other not just the teachers.

“Last week we had our primary pupils who had been learning about harvest perform a song in an assembly for our year 7’s and likewise we give our year 7’s the opportunity to work with the primary school pupils to develop their confidence and leadership skills.”

                                                                                                             Mr Jones, PA to Executive Principle, with the school’s development plans.

The new secondary school is being constructed across the from the primary school site and will open at the start of the next academic year.

Local children will also have the benefit of a new sixth form building that is being built on the site that will offer pupils the chance to take A-levels.

The current year seven pupils have come from 31 primary schools across Sheffield and taken their new environment with “pride” over the last few weeks, Mr Jones said.

Every day the pupils take part in tutor times with their class mates and teacher where they say the motto: “I am strong, I am successful, I am Astrea” to get them in a positive and motivating mindset for the day.

Along with the traditional curriculum the school boasts a wide range of extra-curricular activities and support networks including a breakfast club, sports teams and lunch time clubs.

On Wednesday afternoons the ‘normal’ school day finishes after lunch time and pupils take part in sports and creative arts electives.

Mr Jones said: “We really want to involve the local community and get them all to invest in the local children’s’ education then when they go on In later life they can go on to put something back into Burngreave themselves.

“Our main ethos is to provided a rounded education, so not just to teach but to provide everything to make them fit for adult life, that’s why we are keen to offer so many extra-curricular activities.”

To take a virtual tour of the school click here.

View from the primary school site looking onto the secondary school site.


The secondary school building site.

More to follow.

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