Overthinking has become one less problem to worry about for a Sheffield local who was set a challenge to hug 61 strangers.

CK Goldiing, 38, from Walkley, took to the streets of Sheffield on 8 May 2018 with the challenge to find 61 strangers prepared to give a random act of kindness between the time it takes to walk from his house to Sheffield City Centre.

He said: “I knew I would find 61 open humans, but I didn’t know the degree, I didn’t expect what actually happened, but I knew that most people would be up for it.”

“People love watching vulnerability, the only reason people are interested in finding out what 61 Hugs is about is because they’re fascinated by how many no’s did you get, nobody tunes into it for the yes.”

Mr Goldiing filmed and produced 61 Hugs, his debut short film, just 24 hours after the challenge was set – by whom is revealed in the film.

The self-proclaimed “creator” studied Business at Sheffield Hallam University, but upon graduation followed the media route and was hired as a radio presenter at Royal Hallamshire Hospital’s radio station.

Mr Goldiing said: “I’ve figured out what my superpower is, and I’m saying this to all creators; figure out what your superpower is, because once you figure out what it is, the world just opens up to you.”

After dealing with the problems his overthinking caused for the majority of his life, it wasn’t until Mr Goldiing’s mid-30’s when he realised it was limiting growth in his personal and professional life.

In light of this, he turned to film.

Previous projects that Mr Goldiing has completed includes a challenge called 100 musicians, which took place in London in 2015.

He had to live in the capital for 6 months “where I was just at the mercy of the universe,” with just £100 to his name, surviving by discovering 100 unsigned artists that he would then photograph in return for a place to sleep or some cash to help.

“That project has confirmed that this stranger’s thing, is my lane that I am willing to explore. I’m fascinated by exploring social norms and social beliefs” said Mr Goldiing.

When speaking about the issues he has had with overthinking and mental health, Mr Goldiing believes it’s the positive attitudes towards mental health and mindset over the past couple of years that has helped challenge his attitude.

He said: “We are our own worst enemy or biggest cheerleader. We never used to talk about our own mindset and what stories we are telling ourselves; are you telling yourself positive stories like you’re great and you have the possibility to achieve or are you telling yourself that could go wrong, that could fall flat. I’m glad I’ve witnessed this in my own lifetime.”

His next challenge? Apparently “It puts the fear of God into me.”

It’s called The Box and will be set in London, completely beyond Mr Goldiing’s control, he will walk into a room with a box, hand it over to a stanger, but that will be the last contact he has with it and somehow he will follow the box on its journey.

But what’s in the box? Now that is something that cannot be revealed just yet.

61 Hugs is available to watch for free here: